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Koperasi Karyawan PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta (“Kopkarla”) is a cooperative aims to prosper its members through various saving and loan services as well as through its expansion in numerous business fields.

We provide installation, engineering, construction, and maintenance services for Fiber Optic, copper wire, VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal), and wireless networks.

We offer a uniquely tailored service to best suit your needs. Our experienced, well-trained, and well-equipped engineers will work with you from inception to completion, analyzing your need, helping you to make your strategic planning, optimize your cost, efficiently design your network, and carefully put it into execution to ensure that you get the most out of your network investment.

As a one-stop installation service for your telecom network, Kopkarla also offers a wide range of quality telecom products from mobile radio (handy talky), fiber optic, power systems, accessories, and other supporting tools for telecom network installation.

Kopkarla is partnering with the leading industry manufacturers in Indonesia and from overseas to ensure that its customers only receive the best quality products available in the market.

Kopkarla was set up in 1992 as a cooperative by Lintasarta employees to develop its member economic potential and to improve the welfare of its members

Kopkarla adheres to its PIPES principle, Professional service, Integrity, Partnership, Extra Miles, and Solution. We believe these factors have helped us gone through the ever-changing business climate, and have been instrumental in shaping Kopkarla the way it is today.